Published: 14/05/2024 By Andy Weller

We sell more because we do more (Statistics independently verified by Rightmove)
CHURCH & HAWES sell more homes across our network than any other Estate Agent!
In 2023 Church & Hawes SOLD more properties in the local area than anyone else. The sales graph below (Independently verified by Rightmove) shows our success against our next nearest competitors across the Church & Hawes network in the last 12 months.
Why is this the case?

  • We have a local multi office network allowing us access to a larger (relevant) buyer database.
  • Our staff have over 100 years of estate agency experience in just one office!
  • We use the latest industry technology to make the homes we advertise "stand out" from the competition.
  • The fact that we have more properties available than our competitors allow our sellers to get priority using "Heads Up Property Alerts!"
  • All our properties are listed on the the most active portals including, rightmove and
  • We advertise on Social Media

Don't take our word for it the statistics are posted below:

This statistics were generated using rightmove plus. Sales agreed during the time period 1st January 2023 - 31st December 2023.