Innovation and Growth in Estate Agency 2022 award for Church & Hawes

Published: 02/12/2022 By Andy Weller

As the leading estate and letting agent across our network, Glenn Church and his team are incredibly proud and pleased to announce that today they have won an Innovation Award for 2022 presented by Iceberg Digital, a leading technology supplier for the property industry.

This award recognises the Innovation that we have made as a business to our systems, processes, efficiencies and most importantly our customer experience in the last 12 months. We realise the needs of our customers have changed and it is our responsibility as a company to meet these needs and provide an outstanding service. It is through the use of technology and AI that we have been able to do this. This award recognises that we are at the forefront of innovation and in an industry that is often accused of lagging behind the times we are extremely proud of this award.

Mark Burgess, best selling author and CEO of Iceberg Digital made the following comment: “Innovation is not just about adapting because you have to, but about constantly looking to find better ways of working in the relentless search to improve and Church & Hawes have shown that from the thousands of agents in the UK that are happy to just follow, they are in the minority that leads the way.” Andy Weller, head of marketing and innovation at Church & Hawes says: “We are delighted to be one of the Elite Estate Agents to have won this award. At Church & Hawes we appreciate that we function within a highly competitive industry and are always looking for ways to stand out above the competition. We have invested heavily in new technology which will undoubtedly benefit all of our valued clients. We are looking forward to anothe busy and successful year in 2023.”

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