Invisible But Effective

That is how we describe our discreet marketing services to our clients. There are many reasons why sellers wish to sell discreetly and indeed why some buyers wish to buy discreetly too. It does not adversely affect the sale price. Good buyers appreciate the special opportunity of being alerted to off-market opportunities and are happy to pay the right price.

Church & Hawes Discreet Marketing service allows our vendors to sell their property quietly, without ever having their property advertised in the local property paper or online, and without a for sale board appearing outside their house. Indeed, some vendors wish to commence marketing discreetly and then if needed, go onto the market fully after a few weeks at a time that suits them.

Many buyers given this opportunity are also happy to wait and allow a seller time to find their next purchase. This creates an excellent environment for the seller as they can then search with confidence, having had the minimum of fuss selling.

If you’re a buyer searching for your next home and cannot find a match on our website then please do contact us as we may still be able to help. Call Church & Hawes to ask about our discreet marketing and selling service.