15 Best Tips for Hosting an Adult Halloween Party

Published: 19/10/2022 By Andy Weller

Did you know that people have been celebrating Halloween for thousands of years? Join the club and host your own Halloween party. Here’s how.
Although the Halloween holiday has evolved a lot over the centuries, humans have always been fascinated by creepy things that bump in the night. Whether you love the costumes, the candy, or the horror, almost everyone can agree that October is one of the most entertaining months of the year.If you want to get into the spirit by hosting the best adult Halloween party, here are 15 tips you need to know.
  1. Spooky invitations: Whether you are the crafty type or tend to opt for convenience, your Halloween Party Invitation is a great way to set the tone for a successful event.
  2. Keep everyone fed: Halloween foods snacks, cakes and canopes tend to go down a real treat. CLICK HERE for some inspiration!
  3. Fill up the witch's cauldron with some Festive Punch: Get your guests in the mood by serving your party punch in a Cauldron. CLICK HERE for some inspiration. Looking for that extra "Wow Factor?" Dry ice can give that extra special effect when setting the party tone.
  4. Dance until dawn: A Halloween playlist is ideal to elevate the atmosphere. CLICK HERE for a Halloween Spotify Playlist with some real classics included!
  5. Establish and promote your Halloween Theme: From spooky and Sexy to Scary and Outrageous focus your decorations and lighting to enhance your event.
  6. Halloween Games and Activities always go down a treat: Who says that kids are the only ones who enjoy Party Games. CLICK HERE for some Adult Party Activity Suggestions.
  7. Decorate your Entrance with something Spooktacular: When guests arrive at your home they will have not doubt they at the right house. These decorations can be simple from scarecrows to carved Pumpkins.
  8. Halloween themed Party Bags: Everyone gets excited about gifts. Thankfully, you don’t have to spend a fortune to find fun party favors. Silly string, masquerade masks, fake blood, vampire teeth, and candy are all creative ideas you could use to create goodie bags.
  9. Enhance the atmosphere with Mood Lighting: Coloured lights, strobe lighting and candles are all great ways to illuminate your Halloween Party. It is important that although you're achieving that spooky effect your guests can see what they are getting.
  10. Shop at your local textile store or charity shop: You can often grab bargains when making your own decorations and chrity shops are a fantastic place to locate items such and candle holders or even accessories to match your costume.
  11. Set Up an Adult Form of Trick-Or-Treat: Kids never outgrow candy, which is why having a wide variety of treats for your guests is a must. There are a few fun ways you can incorporate candy into your adult party. One example is to hide a piece of candy inside one cupcake or another kind of snack. The person who finds the sweet surprise can win some kind of prize or privilege related to the rest of your activities. You could also use carved pumpkins as bowls to scatter throughout the rooms to display your candy. Your guests will appreciate the sugar if they ever get tired during the night. If your friends are more crafty, you could host a cookie decorating competition with small candies as decorations. Not only is this a fun way to spend time together, but everyone will enjoy eating their work once they’re done.
  12. Gauge your audience and pick your tricks: If you want your party to lean toward the darker side, there are a few party tricks you can do to entertain your friends. To scare or gross out your friends, you can have them sit in a circle with their eyes closed and hands open. When people can’t see, their imaginations start acting wild. Hand them various items that are cold, slimy, and squishy. If you’re really invested, you could tell a scary story about a murderer or cannibal while these items are getting passed around. Cooked, refrigerated spaghetti could be brains, hardboiled eggs or meatballs could be eyeballs, steak could be tongue, and so much more. Don’t be surprised if your guests scream every time they’re handed a new food! Another humorous and startling trick is to buy a life-sized sticker that is shaped like a silhouette. If you place this sticker on the bathroom window, you’ll be sure to freak out anyone who goes in there.
  13. Create a Halloween Hashtag so you can share your memories of the event on Social Media: If you’re spending all of this time and money to create the perfect Halloween party, you’ll want to relive the memories by looking at photos from the event. When your guests upload photos to their social media, be sure to tell them to use a hashtag that’s unique for your party. Once it’s over, you can scroll through all the photos and see how much your friends enjoyed themselves.
  14. Shop at wholesalers for Party Snacks: As much as your guests are likely to be content topping up on alchol and sweets. Most are likely to start feeling sick if you do not supply them with something substantial to eat. By shopping at your local wholesalers, you are likely to keep the costs of this more controllable.
  15. Pop to the Poundshop for Party Supplies: We all love the Poundshop, Home Bargains and B&M (other options are available) when looking for party supplies the have some great quality items at a fraction of the price of some other stores. If you are planning in advance Amazon are a great sourch for such items and if you have forgotten something, Amazon's Prime delivery can oftem help you get out of trouble.

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